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What to Expect at a Swim Team Practice

Swim Team practices are based upon our Core Values of Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. We believe in fostering a positive learning environment and our coaches focus on the concept of "catching swimmers doing it right.”

Swimmers are expected to attend practices and swim workouts sets with the team while applying the technique they learned. This is a big change from the technique-driven and hands-on approach they were taught while in Learn to Swim lessons. As swimmers begin to "own" their own stroke work and racing technique, parents and coaches should continue to encourage the swimmer to practice what they have learned during every lap. Swim meets are often a reflection of how much technique the swimmer has applied during practice. Coaches are available to provide feedback upon request. 

Higher expectations and intensity are added as distance increases for swimmers. Indoor swim team workouts begin with about 700 yards of swimming and build to 1,000 yards as the students’ progress. Outdoor programs ran from 1,500-3,000 yard workouts.  Swimmers interested in moving quickly through the program and swimming on the club team should also attend Olympic Development and schedule quarterly goal-setting meetings with their coach.