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What to Expect at a Start Clinic

Our FREE Start Clinics are a great opportunity to gain experience and improve racing starts! Swimmers learn how to dive from either the side of the pool or the starting block. 

No fees are required for Start Clinics; however, pre-registration is required. Spots are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register for Start Clinics through your UDIO account. 

Start Clinics are offered year round, once per month for all enrolled swimmers. Start Clinics are held on Saturday afternoons and usually consist of 30 minutes of dive practice and 15 minutes of swim racing.

Start Clinics are not held at Gold Medal Swim School.  You will be notified via email the date and location of upcoming Start Clinics.

Swimmers enrolled in Swim Team 1, Swim Team 2, Swim Team 3, and High School Prep are encouraged to attend Start Clinics. Swimmers enrolled in Summer Swim Team are welcome to attend in June and July.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay, watch, and cheer for their swimmer in the grass or spectator areas during Start Clinics. Gold Medal coaches are happy to answer parent/guardian questions before or after Start Clinics but reserve the Start Clinic itself for coaches' instruction.

What to bring: multiple towels, parka or robe, sunscreen and water. While the weather is still warm, swimmers can still get a little chilly when the kids are waiting in line so multiple towels and a parka/robe can help!