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3 Tips to Help You With Your Backyard Pool This Summer

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. We are crazy for clean pool water here, from my backyard pool to the pool here at the school; we monitor our water very frequently. I have a couple quick tips to help you with your backyard pool this summer!

  1. Check your chlorine daily. The summer sun sucks up that chlorine and we want to make sure that we always have chlorine present in our pool. Those little test strips work great! They may not be pinpoint accurate but they certainly let you know when you have chlorine in the pool or not.
  2. Brush, brush, brush! Brush down the sides of your pool and push the matter towards the filter. Check your pump baskets and get rid of the toys and leaves. This helps your pool work more efficiently.
  3. Solution through dilution! It is OK to dump water, meaning to backwash your pool out and add fresh water. We call it the solution through dilution. You can add a lot of chemicals but sometimes just adding some fresh water is all you need.

Enjoy your summer pool, enjoy swimming, always keep your eyes on your kids and I will see you around Gold Medal Swim School.