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Core Values

Gold Medal Swim School is built on a unique foundation of Core Values - Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. This foundation is introduced in Baby Swim and extends through Learn to Swim, Swim Team, and Adult Lessons.


We are committed to the highest level of safety for all who enter the doors of Gold Medal Swim School. Our goal is to equip students with as many life-saving skills as possible. We teach students to never go swimming without an adult and each of our classes begin with Sit, Listen, and Wait – each student waits to be invited into the pool by an instructor.

Starfish students learn the Turnaround Survival Sequence and are quizzed during every class on what to do if they fall into a pool. They then practice doing just that! To graduate, Starfish students wear clothes and shoes, jump in, turnaround, and swim back to the wall.

Starfish students learn the Roll-to-Back skill. This skill is introduced early on and is carried all the way through advanced levels as it becomes side-breathing. The Survival Jump is the final graduation skill of Seahorse. Students wear clothes and shoes, jump in, roll to their back, and kick to the other side of the pool. The whole pool cheers as each student swims across!

Air Regulation

Air Regulation is the consistent exchange of air primarily through the mouth, by exhaling underwater (blowing bubbles) and inhaling above the water. There should be no double breath while the head is above the water.


Relaxation is developed by water exploration, proper air regulation, and water confidence. The relaxed swimmer can think more quickly in a survival situation; add skills more quickly; and swim longer, farther, and faster.

Body Position

Body Position is the swimmer's platform from which all strokes emerge. A tall body line helps reduce drag and puts the swimmer in the best position to not only survive, but be as fast as possible.


Propulsion is speed, built from the legs up, and increases in efficiency as other Core Values are strengthened. After the swimmer has mastered the Core Values, arms are added as the final component.


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