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At Gold Medal Swim School, we take great pride in our facility. We believe a safe and inviting environment optimizes instruction and allows our students to thrive. Whether you are in the pool area, the lobby, the bathrooms, the changing room, the office, or the parking lot, we want you to have the safest and cleanest experience possible.

Our top priority has always been SAFETY, from our state-of-the-art facility design, to routine operating procedures; we are constantly striving to uphold the Gold Medal standard. We believe facility care and maintenance should never be stagnant – there is always something to make better!

To provide the highest water quality, we utilize the DELL Ozone system, which is the same sanitation system used to treat bottled water. We monitor this process and chemical levels every 60 minutes during lessons. All pool water is completely filtered every 90 minutes and replaced every six days to provide our instructors and clients with the safest and cleanest water in the Valley.

Our entire lobby and changing areas are also disinfected before each shift. Throughout each shift, you will see us sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters, and checking dressing room stalls. Every evening, the entire facility is sanitized by a professional cleaning service.

We strive to offer the safest, cleanest, and best swim school in the industry. If you are so impressed you just want to pop, if something in our facility is less than perfect, or maybe you just want us to consider something you think will help us improve.... we greatly appreciate your comments and feedback.

Thank you for helping us maintain the Gold Medal standard! See you around the pool!


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