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Our Story

Gold Medal Swim School opened with humble beginnings in an old industrial building and a pool which could be mistaken for a bathtub. Founded by 2x Olympian Mike Troy, Founder and led by 2x Olympic Coach Mike Walker, Owner, the goal of the business was to build swimming the right way from the start and have fun doing it! The motto over the years was always, “If we do what is best for the kids, the business will always work out.”

Weaving our swimming and coaching experience into the swim school business, we developed five Core Values to build the optimal swimmer - Safety, Relaxation, Air Regulation, Body Position, and Propulsion.

To help build our Core Values, we developed three Teaching Techniques - Catch Kids Doing It Right, Layering of Skills, and Regress to Progress. These values were easy to teach infants, kids, and adults alike because they put the swimmer first and made swimming easy and fun.

Our school not only attracted great families and great swimmers, it also attracted great teachers who love kids and love swimming. Teachers whose priority would always be the kids.

We came to our little pool every day and not only taught kids to swim, we connected with them and their families. This fun and positive swimming experience was contagious and our school quickly became a family.

Word spread and as enrollment increased, we soon reached capacity and had more swimmers than pool space. We moved down the street to a larger swimming facility, our current Chandler location. Since the move, more and more people have been able to experience the joy of swimming.

Today, we employ over 40 teachers and we see over 1,800 students walk through our doors each week to take part in the fun. Parents and infants swim together - kids swim in group classes - swim teams meet - adult classes run weekly. Students of all ages are learning to swim the right way from the start with our five Core Values.

Students often continue swimming recreationally and several have even gone on to participate in collegiate swimming or to chase their Olympic dreams. We even have job applicants who learned to swim with us as kids!

As Gold Medal Swim School continues to grow and establish in the community, we strive to remain a family of people who love kids, love swimming, and build a fun and contagious environment for students to learn to swim the right way from the start.


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