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A swimmer wearing a yellow swim cap labeled "GOLD" swims freestyle in a pool. The lanes are separated by colorful lane dividers, and the water is clear and rippling under the lights.

Improve Your Swim Technique: Essential Tips for a Smooth and Efficient Stroke

Are you wondering how to refine your swimming technique for maximum efficiency? Look no further. This article is a

A man with a beard and goggles smiles while standing in a swimming pool, with the water reaching up to his chest. The pool water reflects light, and the background shows more water extending towards the distance.

Is It Too Late to Learn How to Swim as an Adult? Dive Into New Skills

Are you concerned “is it too late to learn how to swim?” Put those worries to rest. At any age, adults and kids

A group of swimmers in a competition pool are actively swimming laps. The lanes are separated by black lane dividers, and there is a crowd of people watching and waiting near the poolside. Some spectators are seated on bleachers in the background.

Top Swim Hacks to Enhance Your Performance for Kids and Adults

Are you ready to fine-tune your swim routine with simple yet effective hacks? Whether you’re battling with gear c

A smiling woman in a swim cap and goggles guides a joyful toddler in a swimming pool. Another young child in the background watches. The colorful poolside area is lined with toys and equipment.

The Essential Guide on How to Learn to Swim for Kids and Adults

Are you ready to take the plunge and learn to swim? Whether you’re overcoming a fear of water, or simply wantin

A child swimming underwater in a pool wears blue goggles and smiles at the camera. Bubbles and water reflections surround the child, giving the scene a playful and refreshing ambiance.

Top Beginner Swim Tips For Kids and Adults

Are you new to swimming? It can be overwhelming when you're just getting started in the water. In this post, we're

A smiling older man with short white hair sits in a chair. He is wearing a blue polo shirt. The background has rows of empty chairs and a wall with a colorful, geometric design.

Rest In Peace Michael F. Troy

Dear Gold Medal Swim School families, It is with the deepest sorrow we inform you that Gold Medal Swim Founder, Ol

A smiling child wearing sunglasses relaxes in a pool on a pineapple float. Text reads "3 tips to help you with your backyard pool this summer" against a yellow background. There's also a green inflatable turtle float in the water.

3 Tips to Help You With Your Backyard Pool This Summer

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. We are crazy for clean pool water here, from my backyard pool to t

A swimming instructor in a black swim shirt supports and encourages a young child wearing pink and white goggles in a swimming pool. The text overlay reads "SIMPLE" and "don't be afraid of" with a dotted design pattern in the background.

Don’t Be Afraid of Simple

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. Our staff has been working for a long time on putting together a c

Introducing a New Way to Teach Butterfly

Hi Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. I am excited to talk about something that I have been working on w

A swimming instructor sits in the pool, engaging with a group of five attentive children sitting on the pool's edge. Text overlay reads, "SIT, LISTEN, AND WAIT" with a subheading, "KEEPING OUR KIDS SAFE IS EVERYTHING." The background displays a colorful poolside area.

Sit, Listen, & Wait

You might notice in the video below, I’m sportin’ a little bit of the Michigan Blue as they head off to the Big

A young swimmer, wearing a swim cap and goggles, smiles while holding onto a metal bar at the edge of a pool. Beside her, text reads from top to bottom: “TROY,” “SPITZ,” “ADRIAN,” “FRANKLIN,” “LEDECKY,” “ME,” and “JOIN THE LEGENDS” on a blue background with yellow accents.

Join the Legends

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. You know, it’s 2019 Registration Shirt time. I always love the s

A child wearing goggles is joyfully lifted out of a swimming pool by an adult. The image includes text that reads, "What Would You Do If You Had NOTHING TO FEAR? How would it affect the choices we make in the coming year?.

Nothing to Fear

Happy New Year! You know, it is an exciting time. Families can get together and talk about what they what to have h

An adult and a child wearing goggles are underwater in a swimming pool. The adult holds the child while both look at each other, smiling. Text overlaid on the bottom of the image reads, "Consistent Swimming Matters.

Consistent Swimming Matters

Check it out. We’ve got water wheels – a lot of them. We’ve got balls. We’ve got buckets. We’ve got rings

A man wearing swim goggles and a wetsuit is swimming in a pool. The text reads "TRIATHLONS" on the left side and "2 Ways You Can Improve the Swim Portion of Your Triathlons" below the image.


Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. Let’s talk about triathlons. I often get asked for help from my

Two children swimming underwater with goggles, one in pink and the other in red. The text reads, "One Thing That Makes Us DIFFERENT" and "What really gives your child the best chance for swimming success, whether it be in a survival situation or in a competitive situation?.

One Thing That Makes Us Different

Hi, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School. Do you know one of the things that makes us different and really g

A child wearing swimming goggles and a smile is in a swimming pool. The text reads, "Bridge the Gap Between Summer Playtime in the Pool and Skill Acquisition This Fall." The background combines a yellow and blue color scheme.

Bridge the Gap

Hi everyone, it’s Mike. Make your kids do it. Yep, make them do it. It’s the end of summer and they are still t

A swimmer performing an underwater flip turn with a blue swimming pool as the background. The image includes text that says, "Flip Turns: the competitive advantage" on a white overlay with a turquoise background and black dotted patterns.

Flip Turns – The Competitive Advantage

Hi everyone, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School! It’s summertime here and we’ve got a lot of swim raci

Two swimmers adjusting their yellow and blue swim caps sit at the edge of a pool during a swim meet. The swimmers are preparing for their upcoming race amidst a busy and colorful aquatic center. Bold text overlays read "2 Swim Meet Tricks" and "To Help Your Summer Go Swimmingly.

Swim Meet Tricks to Help Your Summer Go Swimmingly

Hi everyone, it’s Mike! Swim meets are happening and kids are getting super excited! Here are a couple of swim me

A young swimmer wearing a yellow swim cap and goggles is swimming in a pool. Blue lane dividers are visible in the water. The text underneath reads, "When will my child be Ready to Move Up?" in bold white letters on a dark blue background.

When Will My Child Be Ready to Move Up?

  Hi there, it’s Mike. I want to talk a little about swim team and how you know when it’s time for your c

A young child wearing swimming goggles smiles while in a swimming pool. An adult in a black swimsuit, also wearing goggles, supports the child with a cheerful expression. The text reads, "How do we empower your children to be the best they can be?.

How Do We Empower Your Children?

  Hi, it’s Mike! I want to talk a little about what it’s like when I am working with younger swimmers. I

A young child with a prosthetic leg joyfully jumps into the air with arms outstretched at a pool. Beside them is text that reads, "TRY MOMENTS" with Olympic rings below it. A quote beneath states, "It all starts with what I call the try moment. Where they just tried.

Try Moments

  Hi guys, it’s Mike. As you know, the Olympics are upon us. Every four years the countries of the world co

A young swimmer in yellow goggles and a yellow cap floats on their back in a pool. A text bubble on the left, set against a blue and white graphic background, reads "How Do Strong Swimmers Relate to the Water?.

How Do Strong Swimmers Relate to the Water?

Hi everyone, it’s Mike from Gold Medal Swim School. I have been thinking lately about how swimmers play in the wa

A person sits by the edge of a swimming pool holding a yellow notepad on a blue clipboard. The notepad lists goals for 2017, including free diving, drift swimming, static swim training, better pursed lip breathing, and improving physical and mental conditioning.

Check out our goals for 2018!

1. FREE Unlimited Swim Lessons: 17,000 2. Survival Jumps: 1,500 3. Brand new beautiful and top of the line

A joyful baby wearing a colorful swimsuit is being held in the water by an adult. The baby is smiling widely. The image has the text "Relaxation: Your Child's Relationship with the Water" written over it.

Relaxation: Your child’s relationship with the water

Hi, Mike Walker from Gold Medal Swim School. I’ve been watching our teachers lately and I am so excited to see th

Why We Need To Parent First When Talking With Our Young Athletes

Hi there, Mike Walker here from Gold Medal Swim School. You know I’m an owner of a swim school, a former coach, a

Two young boys wearing swim goggles smile and point towards the camera while standing in a pool. The left side of the image is overlaid with the word "CONFIDENCE" and a smaller caption reading "a key building block to competitive swimming," set against a blue background with decorative dots and waves.

Confidence: A Key Building Block to Competitive Swimming

Hi, Mike Walker here from Gold Medal Swim School. This month I would like to talk about what we as parents, coaches

Position is everything: Swim to Success with Better Body Position

Today I’d like to talk about body position, one of the five Core Values here at Gold Medal Swim School. What do w

Three children swimming in a pool; two are wearing goggles, and one is facing them. The text reads, "3 Reasons Why We Teach Underwater." The design features blue and white color themes with decorative dotted patterns.

3 Reasons Why We Teach Underwater

Today, I would like to talk about something we do here that is unique and different in the swim school industry. Th

An image with vibrant colors and geometric shapes featuring a coach and a young swimmer at a pool. Text reads "The Secret to Coaching Up: Stretch Great Moments." The coach is wearing a hat with the text "Gold Medal Swim School.

The Secret to Coaching Up

When we think about how we teach, encourage, and coach people up, the attention is usually put on the areas which n

A swimmer practicing kicks in a pool, seen from above the water. Text overlay reads "3 Tips to Improve Your Kick! With Owner and Olympic Coach Mike Walker" on a blue background at the bottom of the image.

3 Tips to Improve Your KICK!

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. I am excited to talk today about kicking. Everyone knows the basic

A young girl floats in a swimming pool with the assistance of a female instructor who holds a yellow float. Both are smiling. The text below the image reads, "THE LIFE SAVER AND SPEEDY SWIMMER BACK FLOAT! 'Relax into a great Body Position.'.

The Life Saver and Speedy Swimmer Back Float

Back floating is a foundation that can, not only save your child’s life, but can also make the difference between

Two young swimmers wearing colorful caps and swimsuits smile and high-five near an outdoor pool, with hearts drawn above them. The text overlay reads, "Going Fast and Going Slow: Friend or Foe?" in blue chevron-patterned text boxes at the bottom.

“Going fast’ and ‘going slow,’ Friends or Foe”

I would like to talk to you about the idea that going slow can actually make you go faster. Are ‘going fast’ a

Two swimmers practicing in an indoor pool, visible from above the water surface. Text overlays read, "Air Regulation" and "The Key to Great Swimming!" in white letters against a blue background. The pool area includes tiled walls and safety strips.

The Key to Great Swimming: Air Regulation!

One thing that makes me excited about our program and what truly separates us from the industry is our five Core Va

Four children in swim gear smile and play in a swimming pool. Two text arrows point to a yellow box that reads, "TURNING TABLES, let your swimmer coach YOU!" The background is bright blue, matching the pool. The children wear colorful swim caps and goggles.

Turning Tables, let your swimmer coach YOU!

I am excited to talk about allowing and encouraging our swimmers to teach us, instead of us, as coaches, drilling i

A person swims underwater, inverted with their head at the bottom and feet at the top. Text reads: "Breathing. What does deep, relaxed breathing do for us in our daily life and before races?" A logo in the bottom left reads "Soul Medicine School.


In 2003, I watched one of my athletes struggle with finishing her races as she prepared for the Sydney Olympic Game

An image featuring young swimmers in a pool. At the top, two children with swim caps and goggles stand by the poolside, preparing to swim. Below, a child swimming in the pool. Text reads: "Why high performance athletes use Singular Focus and you should too!.

Why High Performance Athletes Use Singular Focus and You Should Too!

Our culture values getting more and more things done, as fast as possible. However, quality can often get overlooke

Image of a swimming pool with starting blocks and lane markers, with an overlaid text on a yellow and blue background. The text reads "3 Tips on How to Achieve Your Olympic Dreams Starting Today." The pool area is vibrant with activity in the background.

3 Tips on How to Achieve Your Olympic Dreams Starting Today

The Olympic Games have a way of making us all DREAM BIG. The excitement, energy, and emotion that comes with compet

A young swimmer standing at the edge of a pool, wearing a black swim cap and goggles, prepares to dive in. The text reads "Going for Gold" and "What parents and swimmers need to know about world-class swimming." The logo of a swim organization is visible in the corner.

Going for the Gold

With the 2016 Olympic Games and summer coming to a close, I've been inspired to share with you how we "go for g

Why We Love The Turnaround Jump (And You Should, Too!)

I love the way we teach survival swimming here at the Gold Medal Swim School. We use a three-part approach which