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Bridge the Gap

Hi everyone, it’s Mike. Make your kids do it. Yep, make them do it. It’s the end of summer and they are still totally excited about swimming. Make them do it. I know it sounds ridiculous.

Really, what we’re looking to do is to encourage them to do it. They’ve got this hot summer buzz, they are excited about swimming, they maybe did a little summer swim team, they progressed a lot, they are swimming every day in your pool. What we’re looking for is a way to cultivate that excitement, that energy, to continue swimming even with the winter months coming up.

What I really want you to think about is talking as a family, talking with your child, about how much they liked swimming this summer and how much they really did improve this summer. Try to bridge the gap between summer playtime in the pool and skill acquisition this fall.

It’s great when you have an opportunity to come to Gold Medal Swim School and get some Unlimited Swim, take an extra class with a teacher, maybe even try a new teacher. Find some way we can keep that fire alive by adding some new skills and keeping on working at it.

Most of all, remind your child that swimming in the fall and swimming in the spring leads to more summertime fun. Remember, force them to do it and keep them in the pool. I’ll see you around the school.