Rest In Peace Michael F. Troy

Dear Gold Medal Swim School families, It is with the deepest sorrow we inform you that Gold Medal Swim Founder, Ol

Join the Legends

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. You know, it’s 2019 Registration Shirt time. I always love the s

One Thing That Makes Us Different

Hi, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School. Do you know one of the things that makes us different and really g

The Life Saver and Speedy Swimmer Back Float

Back floating is a foundation that can, not only save your child’s life, but can also make the difference between

“Going fast’ and ‘going slow,’ Friends or Foe”

I would like to talk to you about the idea that going slow can actually make you go faster. Are ‘going fast’ a

The Key to Great Swimming: Air Regulation!

One thing that makes me excited about our program and what truly separates us from the industry is our five Core Va


In 2003, I watched one of my athletes struggle with finishing her races as she prepared for the Sydney Olympic Game