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Confidence: A Key Building Block to Competitive Swimming

Two young boys wearing swim goggles smile and point towards the camera while standing in a pool. The left side of the image is overlaid with the word "CONFIDENCE" and a smaller caption reading "a key building block to competitive swimming," set against a blue background with decorative dots and waves.

Hi, Mike Walker here from Gold Medal Swim School. This month I would like to talk about what we as parents, coaches, and mentors can do to help your swimmer improve their confidence, skills, and love for the sport of swimming, even while they are away from the swim school.

Here at Gold Medal, we have a strong group of dedicated teachers who love kids, a method which teaches swimmers what to do in survival situations, and Core Value-driven fundamental skills which enable swimmers to not only excel at a recreational swimming level, but be able to potentially swim through high school, college, and beyond, as well.

One thing you will hear me say over and over is while you are swimming with your children, whether you are in your backyard pool or the local community pool, I ask you to not focus on what your child is doing wrong or what they could improve on.

Instead, encourage your swimmer to show off for you. Let them pick a skill and ask them to show it off. Let them be the BOSS of their swimming. Let them show you all they have learned, let them demonstrate it, then celebrate it.

This is a great way to both build your swimmer’s confidence and have a great interaction with them. It allows your swimmer to become more connected with the sport, grow more in love with the sport, and most of all, have better interactions with us as parents, teachers, and caregivers.

I look forward to seeing you around the pool! Thank you for trusting Gold Medal Swim School with your swimmer. I’ll see you in the water.