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Consistent Swimming Matters

An adult and a child wearing goggles are underwater in a swimming pool. The adult holds the child while both look at each other, smiling. Text overlaid on the bottom of the image reads, "Consistent Swimming Matters.

Check it out. We’ve got water wheels – a lot of them. We’ve got balls. We’ve got buckets. We’ve got rings. You know what? We’ve even got kickboards. But I’ll tell you, the most important thing is to get kids in the pool.

The winter is tough. It’s hard being a parent. You’re busy. It’s a little colder. The kids have a lot going on at school. Consistent swimming matters. Inconsistent swimming? It’s harder for your kids. They regress, they struggle, they forget skills, and then you’ve got to catch up. Catching up is no fun!

Consistent swimming allows your kids to feel confident, safe around the water, and, what we have found over a lot of years of doing this, it makes them better swimmers and lifelong swimmers.

Bring your kids to the pool. Stay with the fight. You can do it. The holidays are crazy. Come on down. Grab a chair. Relax. Let them come to our warm pool, warm environment, and really warm instructors. Stay with it and Happy Holidays.