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A group of young swimmers wearing swimsuits is gathered near a pool, some posing and smiling energetically. They wear swim caps and goggles, and the background shows poolside chairs and trees. The atmosphere is lively and cheerful, with the sun shining brightly.

Swim Team Information

Swim Team Calendar

2024 Summer Start Clinic Schedule:

June 15th 2-3pm @ Chandler High School


2024 Summer Swim Meet Schedule (Swim Teams and Summer Swim Team):

Saturday, June 8th @ Chandler High School

Friday, June 28th @ McClintock High School

July 13th- McClintock High School (This meet will be in the morning)


Emails will be sent out with more information regarding the upcoming swim meets.

A young boy in swim trunks and goggles dives off a starting block into a pool during a swim meet. Another person stands beside him wearing a navy blue shirt and holding a clipboard, possibly a coach or instructor. The pool is outdoors with lane dividers visible.

Heat Sheets and Meet Results


All Gold Medal Swimmers will receive a personalized heat sheet upon check in. The heat sheets below can be printed for parents and swimmers to follow along in the meet. For more information on how to read a heat sheet, please review our Parent Packet, “What to Expect at a Swim Meet”.


Results are available here 1-3 days after the meet. To view your swimmer’s results in real time, please download the Meet Mobile app

Results 05/11/2024- 8 and Under Session 1 

Results 05/11/2024- 9 and Over Session 2 

Two young swimmers, one wearing a black swim cap and another wearing a yellow swim cap, sit by the edge of a swimming pool. Both are in swimwear with their backs to the camera. A busy poolside area with other people and swimmers is visible in the background.

Event Registration

Registration and payment for upcoming Swim Meets and Start Clinics are done through your Udio customer account.

Swim Meet: is for all swimmers who wish to compete in the Swim Meet this weekend (not including the 100 Freestyle/IM)

Swim Meet + 100: is for all swimmers 9 years and older who wish to compete in the Swim meet including the 100 Freestyle/IM