How is The Gold Medal Swim program different from other swim programs?

Our staff and program are dedicated to developing happy and confident lifelong swimmers. The Gold Medal Swim School\\\\\\\'s safety, skills, and success method focuses on teaching your child as an individual within a group dynamic.

We believe in an approach that encourages your child to want to learn and try new things. Similar to piano or any acquired talent, learning to swim is a progression of skills that takes time to coordinate with your childs age, attitude, and ability. These skills are best learned in a supportive and relaxed environment.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Most experience in the valley. Owners Mike Troy and Mike Walker combine over 75 years of swimming experience from babies to Olympic champions.

2. Curriculum. At Gold Medal Swim School we believe in teaching the survival swimming sequence with young children emphasizing the back float and water comfort. Once proficient in survival swimming our teaching philosophy emphasizes relaxed breathing and a strong kick. Relaxed breathing helps develop a lifelong swimmer. A strong kick helps the novice move freely in the water and is the backbone of great swimmers. Only after relaxed air regulation and a strong and proficient kick are established are arms introduced. While the complete stroke comes together in our advanced levels the result is a swimmer capable of achieving any dream.

3. Staff: Each staff member has at least 30 hours of training based on the Gold Medal Swim School curriculum before they teach. Every staff member goes through a comprehensive interview and background check. Our average teacher has been teaching over 3 years with many that consider swim instruction a career occupation.

4. Facilities: We have gone to great lengths to provide a facility where children want to swim and discover a wonderful and rewarding relationship with the water. The facility was created for children of all ages to advance at a rate appropriate to their needs. Also, we are the only school in the valley to use ozone to disinfect our water making it almost impossible for your child to become exposed to harmful water born bacterias.

5. Unlimited make-ups. We were the first school in the valley to offer full 30 minute make up classes. See a registration specialist for details.

6. Unlimited Swim click for more details

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Swim Lessons

(3 months to 3 years)

Starfish Level
(2+, All welcome)

Seahorse Level
(Starfish graduate)

Dolphin Level
(Seahorse graduate)

Seal Level
(Dolphin graduate)

Stingray Level
(Seal graduate)

Swim Team

Swim Team Level 1
(6+, Stingray graduate)

Swim Team Level 2
(Coaches approval)

Swim Team Level 3
(Coaches approval)

High School Prep
(Coaches approval)

Olympic Development
(Seal through Swim Team)

Adult Swim

(13+, all welcome)