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Introducing a New Way to Teach Butterfly

Hi Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School.

I am excited to talk about something that I have been working on with our staff for a long time, it is a change to our Stingray curriculum in how we teach butterfly. I have been doing this a few years….this swimming thing. Finding a way to teach butterfly arms was pretty easy. To teach the legs (the kick) was pretty easy…but how do you bring them together?? This is what we have been working on; I want you to watch for it in the next 30 days around here.

The sneak peak into our new method for teaching fly is the idea of teaching the stroke from the breath, using the breath to help connect the arms and the legs. Here at Gold Medal, we focus on with air regulation and relaxation and it’s so important. It makes a difference in how long our swimmers can swim.

Most coaches tell students not to breathe; the focus is all on arms and legs. This leads to a very fragmented stroke. Start to watch how we do use air regulation to teach the breath early in butterfly.

I am so excited about this! It has been years in the making. It’s different. It’s unique, and it is going to make a massive difference for our kids. Check it out during your child’s stingray lesson in the next few weeks!

I appreciate you swimming with us and I’ll see you around the pool.