Baby Swim Lessons

Baby&Me Swim Lessons are for children 3 to 36 months.

New to us? To get off to a great start, join us Saturday's at 8:30am for a laid back, no pressure orientation class with plenty of time for parent and child to warm up to our warm and positive environment. Please click here to register.

Once your child is enrolled in a weekly, 30 minute class, they are qualified to take part in our FREE, unlimited swimming program. This program provides you with the opportunity to take multiple classes each week for no extra charge!

Designed as a non-threatening, no tears, introductory course to include:

  • Safe entry with Sit, Listen, & Wait
  • Recognition of a verbal cue for breath control
  • Assisted seated dive
  • Relaxed independent bench play
  • Relaxed body sways
  • The Assisted Turn-Around Submersion (30 minutes)

    BABY & ME II:
    Once your child has mastered Level I and includes:
  • Safe entry with Sit, Listen, & Wait
  • Self submersion‘s
  • Independent seated dive
  • Bench ring retrieval
  • 5 second assisted back floats
  • The Assisted Survival Turn-Around Jump
    (30 minutes)

    BABY & ME III:
    This class is designed for a child who has mastered Level II and includes:
  • Safe entry with Sit, Listen, & Wait
  • Seated dives with a glide
  • Underwater ring retrieval
  • Independent back floats with kicks
  • The Survival Turn-Around sequence
  • The Roll-to-back Survival Sequence
    (30 minutes)

  • Swim Lessons

    (3 months to 3 years)

    Starfish Level
    (2+, All welcome)

    Seahorse Level
    (Starfish graduate)

    Dolphin Level
    (Seahorse graduate)

    Seal Level
    (Dolphin graduate)

    Stingray Level
    (Seal graduate)

    Swim Team

    Swim Team Level 1
    (6+, Stingray graduate)

    Swim Team Level 2
    (Coaches approval)

    Swim Team Level 3
    (Coaches approval)

    High School Prep
    (Coaches approval)

    Olympic Development
    (Seal through Swim Team)

    Adult Swim

    (13+, all welcome)