Welcome to the Seahorse Level! Seahorse is for students who have graduated the Starfish Level or have been approved for the Seahorse Level by a Gold Medal employee.

The Seahorse Level is where your swimmer’s engine will be revved, with lots of kicking happening! Once students are able to maintain proper relaxation, air regulation, and correct body position during belly and back kicks, Backstroke arms are introduced!

The focus on all 5 of our Core Values will help your Seahorse swimmer adjust as more and more is asked of him.


(30 minutes, 3 students/class)

  • Designed for students who have completed the Starfish curriculum

  • Emphasis on the advanced survival jump sequence

  • Survival turn-around sequence

  • Extended Air Regulation

  • Rotational Kicking

  • FUNdamental backstroke

  • Swim Lessons

    (3 months to 3 years)

    Starfish Level
    (2+, All welcome)

    Seahorse Level
    (Starfish graduate)

    Dolphin Level
    (Seahorse graduate)

    Seal Level
    (Dolphin graduate)

    Stingray Level
    (Seal graduate)

    Swim Team

    Swim Team Level 1
    (6+, Stingray graduate)

    Swim Team Level 2
    (Coaches approval)

    Swim Team Level 3
    (Coaches approval)

    High School Prep
    (Coaches approval)

    Olympic Development
    (Seal through Swim Team)

    Adult Swim

    (13+, all welcome)