Welcome to the Stingray Level! Stingray is for students who have graduated the Seal Level or have been approved for the Stingray Level by a Gold Medal employee.

Stingray swimmers learn the mechanics of Butterfly and Breaststroke, along with proper timing and breathing all while utilizing the 5 Core Values.

A Stingray graduate will be competent in all 4 strokes – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle – and ready for the challenge of distance and building stamina.


(30 minutes, 4 students/class)

  • Designed for students who have previously mastered freestyle and backstroke

  • Emphasis on Breaststroke and Butterfly

  • Breaststroke racing pullouts

  • Underwater Streamline Dolphin kicks for competition

  • Eligible to participate in the Gold Medal Swim League Meets

  • Swim Lessons

    (3 months to 3 years)

    Starfish Level
    (2+, All welcome)

    Seahorse Level
    (Starfish graduate)

    Dolphin Level
    (Seahorse graduate)

    Seal Level
    (Dolphin graduate)

    Stingray Level
    (Seal graduate)

    Swim Team

    Swim Team Level 1
    (6+, Stingray graduate)

    Swim Team Level 2
    (Coaches approval)

    Swim Team Level 3
    (Coaches approval)

    High School Prep
    (Coaches approval)

    Olympic Development
    (Seal through Swim Team)

    Adult Swim

    (13+, all welcome)