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Swim Meet Tricks to Help Your Summer Go Swimmingly

Hi everyone, it’s Mike! Swim meets are happening and kids are getting super excited! Here are a couple of swim meet tricks to help your summer go swimmingly.

First off, how should you help your swimmer put on a swim cap? I see people accidentally do it wrong all the time, they put the swim cap on and bring it down to where they have the logo in front of the face - this is not a good look for anyone. I want to caution you against doing this to your kids.

The key to the swim cap is the logos should sit on the side of the head. Place the front of the cap on the face first and then pull it back over the head. Your swimmer will eventually be able to put it on by themselves, but the idea is that the swim cap is placed right over the eyebrows, low on the head, and then pulled back. Make sure the swim cap goes down at least halfway over the ears or possibly even completely over the ears. This technique is more comfortable and will help the swim cap stay on the head better.

Number two, your goggles. I have with me a basic set of goggles, they have two straps in the back. What I want to make sure happens is you put the goggles on forehead-first and then pull the straps back. If you put goggles on straps-first, they tend to snap back on the head and it does not feel good.

The proper way to put on a set of goggles is to place them over the eyes and make sure the goggle strap is not sitting low on the back of the head - this is not a good look either. Make sure the strap is above the ears and, if multiple straps, split. This way, it pulls into the eyes and upwards. Make sure the goggles go on front-first and then back over the head and your kids will be ready to rock and roll.

I look forward to seeing you around the pool.