Swim Team Level I

Swim Team 1 is designed to help develop the total swimmer through proper swim technique, training habits and character development through the sport of swimming. Young or inexperienced swimmers in Swim Team 1 benefit from our relaxed, supportive environment and small ratios. We help both the nervous and excited swimmers develop into the best each individual can become.

Swim Team 1 meets once per week for one hour and the team swims lengthwise in our pool. Students must be at least 6 years of age. Our class ratio is 10:1 with an instructor coaching from the water.

Swim Team 1 swimmers are ELIGIBLE AND ENCOURAGED to participate in Gold Medal Swim School’s swim meets during spring, summer and fall racing seasons. Any make-ups on your family account may be used in a Stingray or Seal class until they expire.

Included are 9 start clinics; 1 every month in February through October. These start clinics are a bonus value for being part of our swim team and no registration is required.

Swim Meet Information

Swim Team Orientation

Swim Lessons

(3 months to 3 years)

Starfish Level
(2+, All welcome)

Seahorse Level
(Starfish graduate)

Dolphin Level
(Seahorse graduate)

Seal Level
(Dolphin graduate)

Stingray Level
(Seal graduate)

Swim Team

Swim Team Level 1
(6+, Stingray graduate)

Swim Team Level 2
(Coaches approval)

Swim Team Level 3
(Coaches approval)

High School Prep
(Coaches approval)

Olympic Development
(Seal through Swim Team)

Adult Swim

(13+, all welcome)