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The Secret to Coaching Up

When we think about how we teach, encourage, and coach people up, the attention is usually put on the areas which need improvement. Instead, let's talk about how to capture the positive moments and stretch them into something greater.

Take any great moment you have with your kids, athletes, students, or even friends, and stretch the great moment to something truly magical.

We educate, we teach, we talk about things we want people to improve on, and we miss the moment by focusing on parts which aren't as good. When someone gets an activity exactly right for ten percent of the time, most coaches, teachers, and people tend to focus on the ninety percent that's not right. To me, that's missing the moment. You're missing the opportunity to stretch something good into something better.

Take the ten percent of the activity which is so awesome, and stretch it. Praise it. Encourage the people you work with to do more of that ten percent. The next time, maybe you’ll get fifteen percent of the lap, or fifteen percent of the homework. Then, you stretch it again.

Continue to encourage, praise, and cultivate the part which was so magical. Forget about what's wrong, what's not working. Focus on the small part you get and stretch it. Watch the results happen!

I'll see you around the pool,

Mike Walker