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Try Moments

A young child with a prosthetic leg joyfully jumps into the air with arms outstretched at a pool. Beside them is text that reads, "TRY MOMENTS" with Olympic rings below it. A quote beneath states, "It all starts with what I call the try moment. Where they just tried.


Hi guys, it’s Mike. As you know, the Olympics are upon us. Every four years the countries of the world come together to compete and do their best, which is absolutely my favorite part of the Olympics. You know, people see the Gold Medal moment and they see when the Olympic champions are made, but being behind-the-scenes at the Olympics and being on deck at an Olympic game, you see a whole different side. A side I want to talk to you about today.

When you watch the Olympics tonight, watch the snowboarding or the figure skating or whatever your sport of choice is. I’m personally a big fan of the curling. Regardless, we really want to think about the amount of “try moments” these athletes went through the amount of moments they had when they didn’t know if they were going to make it or not. The amount of moments they weren’t sure of the outcome. It all starts with what I call the try moment. Where they just tried.

Take a couple minutes with your kids and talk about things in their life where they had try moments. Maybe in school, maybe with their friends, maybe with their sport, maybe with swimming. The most important thing we want to encourage, develop, and foster in young people is this amazing ability that they are willing to try.

I love the try moment because with try moments, champions grow. Take a look at the Olympics and talk to your kids a little about the moment when each one of these Olympic athletes had a try moment. I’ll see you guys around the pool!