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Welcome to Gold Medal Swim School!

We are so excited to welcome your family of swimmers into ours! We are committed to providing your family a fun and positive swimming experience and we look forward to getting to know you and your children as you join us each week for swim lessons.

To ensure we provide the best experience possible, we founded and will always continue to operate our school on one simple concept:

We do what’s best for kids.

That’s it. If it works for kids, it will work for our business. From safety protocols to cleanliness, from progress to our welcoming environment, we are completely focused on what is best for kids. We value you and your children and we thank you for trusting us with them each week.

We invite you to dive into the information in the following pages and really soak all of it in. In your welcome packet, you'll learn even more about what makes us special and what sets us apart in the swim school industry. You'll learn about our staff, our programs, our curriculum, our Core Values, and what make us us. To learn more about our story click here.

It is important to us that throughout your swimming journey with us, you know and remember that we are always here for you. Call us, email us, text us, ask us all your questions. Let us know how we can continue to make this the best possible experience for your family. We have grown to who we are today because of questions and feedback from parents just like you.

We look forward to seeing you and your family experience the joy of swimming!

See you around the pool,

The Gold Medal Team

Becky Ross

General Manager 480-747-8390

Nancy Joyce

Learn to Swim Department Leader 480-677-9967

Jenn Stephens

Competitive Department Leader 602-499-2517

Amy Augee

Customer Service Department Leader 480-694-0250

Aspen Perovich

Baby Swim Department Leader 480-404-3478

Heather Cahill

Assistant Learn to Swim Department Leader 480-773-0078

Kathleen Westlake

Customer Service Manager 480-278-3012