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What to Bring to your Adult Swim Lesson

Swim Suit

Swimmers must wear proper swim attire while in the pool. We advise you to wear swim attire that is comfortable but will not hinder your ability and range of motion in the water. We absolutely expect modest swimwear to respect all backgrounds. If you need to purchase appropriate swim wear, we offer for sale in our lobby Gold Medal Swim School Women’s one-piece suits and Men’s jammer swim trunks.


We recommend goggles for our swimmers to establish ultimate comfort and relaxation in the water.

Hair Tie and/or Swim Cap

If you have long hair (past your ears, as rule of thumb), it is important to keep it out of your face to ensure comfort underwater and allow for side-breathing technique. We recommend tying your hair back and/or using a swim cap so you will not be distracted and get the maximum benefit from your your lesson.

Soap and Towel

If you would like, bring shampoo or body soap to rinse off after class in our shower area. Towel off and proceed to the dressing room, where you can use one of our stalls to change into dry clothes.