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What Will You Be Learning?

Core Values

Gold Medal Swim School is built on a unique foundation of Five Core Values: Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. This foundation is introduced in Baby Swim and extends through to our Adult programming. No matter what level of swimmer you currently are, the Gold Medal Swim School Core Values will help elevate your swimming successes. To learn more about our Core Values, click here.

Our Program

Our curriculum utilizes a layered approach and skills are mastered when they are performed successfully. Concepts and techniques are increasingly overlapped throughout our program to give you the foundation to achieve your swimming goals. This, however, takes time and practice. Consistent, high-quality repetition leads to mastery and builds a strong platform to launch both confident swimmers and great competitors.

Instructors follow structured lesson plans comprised of skills and Core Values created by owner, Mike Walker, but the real success happens when our instructors tailor these to your individual needs. You can expect to see skills uniquely delivered to each individual student within the group dynamic. Low student to instructor ratios allow us to teach our swimmers more effectively and the 100 plus hours of teacher training, everyone of our instructors has completed, becomes visible through dynamic yet clear coaching.

Our instructors go underwater with students! The only way to properly assess tension and relaxation levels is to actually watch and acknowledge them. We’ve found that students become more confident when the instructor is doing the skills with them. So, swimmers beware, instructors in the water!