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Great swim school and the staff is very friendly!


Great swim school and the staff is very friendly!


What to Expect During Your Adult Swim Lesson

Your safety and comfort are our absolute number one priority!

Before Class

Please check-in at the Front Desk when you arrive for class to record your attendance and receive class specific directions. If you have not been to our swim school before, please arrive a few minutes early so we can give you a tour of the facility, we would love to show you around and answer any questions!

If you have extra time before class starts, you can spend a few minutes checking out the lobby monitors for up-to-date information and announcements from the Gold Medal Swim School management team and owner, Mike Walker. Our friendly, lobby staff members are also always available to serve you and answer your questions!

When you are ready, head to our family-friendly changing room and get ready to swim! We provide stalls for your privacy in dressing, but please do not leave your belongings in a dressing stall at any time. There are hooks adjacent to the shower area and cubbies in the changing room to store your belongings during your lesson.

Proceed through the changing room door to the pool deck where you can wait for your class to begin and store your belongings. The instructor will invite you into the pool when it is time for the class.

A young child stands near an open cubicle in a modern changing room. The room has several stalls, cubby shelves, and round mirrors on the wall. The floor is tiled, and ceiling is decorated with hanging elements. A trash can and a bouquet of flowers are present on one shelf.

During Class

Relax. We believe to be successful at anything it is paramount to be relaxed and comfortable in your environment, and this especially true of swimming. We believe a safe and inviting environment optimizes instruction and allows our students to thrive. To that end we have created a state-of-the-art heated facility with a focus on the highest water quality, utilizing the DELL Ozone system, the same sanitation system used to treat bottled water. We monitor this process and chemical levels every 60 minutes during lessons. All pool water is completely filtered every 90 minutes and replaced every six days to provide our instructors and clients with the safest, cleanest, and most comfortable water in the Valley.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Process. It is also important to exercise patience, as sometimes our current abilities do not match up with our time frame and expectations. Always celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the process.

If you need to use the restroom during class, we have a restroom located on the deck, next to the shower area and changing room door. Our bathrooms and changing areas are disinfected before and after each shift. Every evening, the entire facility is sanitized by a professional cleaning service. Your safety and comfort are our number one priority, please let us know if something has slipped by us.

A swimmer wearing a pink swim cap and pink goggles is swimming freestyle in a pool. The swimmer has her head slightly above water, and her right arm is extended forward. The water is clear and light blue.

After Class

We have a large, family-friendly shower area to rinse off after your lesson. If you would like, bring shampoo or body soap and enjoy a quick rinse. Swimsuits must remain on in the shower area.

Grab your towel and then proceed through the dressing room door to access our changing stalls and larger facility bathrooms.

A swim suit dryer and plastic bags for wet clothes are provided in our changing area for your convenience.