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Very organized and friendly staff. We've enjoyed our time here!


Very organized and friendly staff. We’ve enjoyed our time here!


Makeup Lessons

Two boys are in a swimming pool. One boy wearing a blue t-shirt and goggles is splashing water and gesturing with his hands, while the other boy, partially submerged, looks on. A third person is in the background, swimming underwater. The pool has a colorful tile wall.

Makeup Lessons

Consistency is essential to learning and internalizing the lifesaving swimming skills we teach at Gold Medal Swim School. For this reason, we offer FREE makeup lessons for missed lessons, regardless of the reason.

Two people are in an indoor swimming pool, engaging in a conversation. One person on the left, wearing a swim cap and goggles, gestures with their hands. The person on the right, also in swim gear with a red swim cap and goggles, listens attentively.

Participating in Makeups

Adult swimmers are eligible for makeups. Makeups are valid up to one calendar year from the date the associated class was missed. To receive credit for a makeup, report the class absence prior to 9:00 AM the day the class will be missed. For more information on Class Absences, click here.

A young boy wearing goggles is swimming in a pool with a colorful mosaic tile wall in the background. He is mid-stroke, looks relaxed, and appears to be enjoying himself. The water is clear and blue.

Booking Makeups

Students must be currently enrolled to schedule a makeup. Makeups are scheduled based on class availability and may be booked up to seven (7) calendar days in advance. To request a Makeup, submit the Makeup Request form at any time. Once makeups are scheduled, they cannot be changed, rescheduled, or cancelled. Makeups hold no cash value. For more information on Makeups, click here.