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Check Out Our Facility

Our Pool

  • Relaxation is one of our five Core Values. We believe the right aquatic environment is necessary for a successful experience for all our swimmers.
  • Our pool is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees and we replace our pool water every week to ensure that we have the highest water quality available.
  • We use an Ozone system which purifies the water well beyond the capabilities of chlorine. It kills organic contaminants and several inorganic materials which chlorine cannot.1 Our Ozone system allows us to maintain our chlorine levels at the Maricopa County minimum, making our water gentle on eyes and skin. 2
  • We set the ambient air temperature of the pool area to be the same as the water temperature. Our state-of-the-art air purification system is constantly supplying fresh, clean air and controlling the water humidity.

Our Showers and Changing Room

  • We provide a large, family-friendly shower area for swimmer use after each lesson.
  • In our changing room, we offer several stalls to accommodate your family before and after each lesson. There are also several changing tables in the room.

Our Lobby

  • At the front desk, we offer snacks, water bottles, and other swim items for purchase. We also provide movies, toys, and books in the lobby for swimmers and siblings to enjoy.
  • We display information and announcements on multiple screens throughout the lobby and we provide a great team of helpful staff who would love to assist you or answer any questions you may have!
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