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Welcome to Gold Medal Swim School!

Welcome to the Gold Medal Swim School to your family from our family.  Since 1993 Gold Medal Swim School has been welcoming, teaching, and saving the lives of Arizona swimmers.  Founded by Olympic Champion Mike Troy and Olympic Coach Mike Walker we are committed to providing your family the best swimming experience possible and look forward to getting to know your family each and every week. 

The Gold Medal Swim School is guided by TWO simple concepts that directly influence every decision we make in and around the pool.  FIRST.....


That’s it. If it is in the best interest of our swimmers ‘we do it’...yes, we have THE cleanest water, THE highest trained staff, a crazy amazing swim teaching method, but most of all every person that works for the Gold Medal Swim School believes in this principle.  Second...

Come to work every day and simply LOVE KIDS.  Love them on the good days AND the tough days....


We value you and your children and we thank you for trusting us with them each week.  If you every have questions, comments, ‘thanks’, feedback, or ways we can make this a better experience for you swimmers please know we are committed to making it the best swimming school on the planet.  Please feel free to call or text the owner, Mike Walker at  480 287 4000 day or night. 

We invite you to dive into the information in the following pages and really soak all of it in. In your welcome packet, you'll learn even more about what makes us special and what sets us apart in the swim school industry. You'll learn about our staff, our programs, our curriculum, our Core Values, and what make us - us. To learn more about our story, click here.