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How to Help Your Swimmer Succeed

Celebrate Success

Giving your child the gift of consistent, year-round swimming improves their ability to be water-safe and allows them to develop a life-long love of the water.

Consistent, weekly class attendance is one of the best ways you can contribute to your child’s aquatic success. Breaks in weekly lessons can mean time spent catching up, rather than moving forward. Students who remain enrolled in swim lessons perpetually progress in a more linear fashion.

It is also important to exercise patience, as sometimes our children's abilities do not match our time frame and expectations. Always celebrate the positives with your child after each lesson!

Progress Evaluations

When your student is ready to graduate to the next level, we love to inform you of their exciting news! If you want to check your student's progress throughout the year, you may request a Progress Evaluation. For more information on Progress Evaluations, click here.

Feel free to contact the Learn to Swim Department Leader for support and extra help!