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What To Bring To Your Learn to Swim Lesson

Swim Diaper

Swimmers age three years or younger must wear a reusable swim diaper while in the pool. Diapers and swim diapers that are disposable are not reliable and are not permitted in the pool. Swim diapers are provided as a FREE annual registration gift.

Swim Suit

Swimmers must wear proper swim attire while in the pool. Gold Medal Swim School boys’ jammers and girls’ suits are available for purchase at the Front Desk but are not required.


We recommend goggles for all Seahorse, Dolphin, Seal, and Stingray swimmers. We do not recommend goggles for Starfish swimmers.

Soap and Towel

Bring shampoo or soap to rinse off in our shower area after class if you would like. Bring a towel to dry off your swimmer after all that splashing!