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What Will Your Swimmer Learn?

Core Values and Teaching Techniques

Gold Medal Swim School is built on a unique foundation of five Core Values: Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. This foundation is introduced in Baby Swim and extends through our Adult programming. No matter which level of swimming, Gold Medal Swim School’s Core Values will elevate your swimming technique, endurance, and speed.

Our Swim Team coaches also implement Gold Medal’s three Teaching Techniques: Catch Kids Doing It Right, Layering of Skills, and Regress to Progress. These techniques foster a positive learning environment that ensures every swimmer progresses in each Core Value while having fun.

Our Program

Our Swim Teams foster an environment where swimmers develop proper technique, good training habits, and character development. While stroke technique will remain the focus, there is a greater emphasis on endurance and training for health, fitness, and competitive benefits. This is a big change from the hands-on approach in Learn to Swim lessons.

Higher expectations and intensities are added as the distance increases for swimmers. Indoor swim team workouts begin with approximately 700 yards of swimming and build to 1,000 yards as students progress. Outdoor programs swim from 1,500 yard to 3,000 yard workouts. Swimmers who are interested in moving quickly through the Swim Team program and swimming in the Gold Medal Swim Club should also attend Olympic Development and schedule quarterly goal-setting meetings with their coach.

As swimmers begin to "own" their stroke technique and racing skills, parents and coaches should continue to encourage swimmers to practice what they have learned during every lap. Swim Meets are often a reflection of how much technique the swimmer has applied during practice. Coaches continuously provide technical feedback to swimmers during practices and are happy to discuss this feedback with parents, as requested.

Newsletters are sent out once a month and contain information about upcoming Swim Meets and Start Clinics, and other news. Additonal emails will be sent as needed regarding Swim Meets and Start Clinics, so be sure to look for those!